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          At IBBZ inc. We manufacture Lawn Debbi, our premier debris system for handling grass clippings and other lawn debris. Lawn Debbi is not only a loader but also a dumping insert that dumps over the side of the vehicle to save time and labor.
          We also offer standalone loaders for those that have already answered the problem of transporting debris but still need a convenient and safe way to load it.
          I've had potential customers comment that Lawn Debbi is too costly but customers who have purchased them have found quite the opposite.
          For example, I have a customer that is a husband and wife team. I sold a Lawn Debbi to them  three years ago. The husband had been doing Lawn care and snow removal through the winter for eleven years before his wife joined him. She originally had a tanning and video rental store. The video rental business slowed down so, she decided to sell her business and join her husband.
          She is fairly small in stature and handling debris was almost too much for her. The husband found the Lawn Debbi in turf magazine and purchased one for his wife. They were doing 55 yards a week and snow removal in winter. 
         After they bought the Lawn Debbi, without changing any other thing they were able to increase the number of lawn jobs to 90 per week. That increase in business allowed them to take the two and a half months of winter off instead of moving snow. They didn't buy the Lawn Debbi to increase their business it was for the wife's convenience and health but it made a significant improvement in their business's success.
          They told me they originally thought in order to increase business they would need bigger mowers, more people or faster mowers but they found out an improvement in working conditions can have a significant effect on productivity. There is no reason anyone else wouldn't realize the same benefit this husband and wife team did with their Lawn Debbi.
          Feel free to give me a call at 308-999-2357and order yours today. I'll send a flyer with the details of Lawn debbi. If you find you have other questions please don't hesitate to give me a call or email me at lawndebbi@ gmail.com . When you find this is what you are looking for, give me a call and order one I will personally see that you will have it in time to make good use of it this lawn season.
          I am Steve Wahls and I own the company.

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