Debbi is well built with quality products to give many years of service.

All Lawn Debbi lawn debris bins are custom built to order. After an order is recieved it is put on the schedual to be built .

Why put up with the added cost of maintaining and fueling that dirty engine when you can get the job done faster using clean electricity and sun power?

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Configurations of Lawn Debbi include installations on pickups, lawn trailers and straight trucks.

Lawn Debbi (lawn debris bin) is a dumping insert that includes a debris loader and will work on most lawn trailers with minimal modification. It is an enhancement to existing trailers and can be removed when not in use for added utility. Also both bins (4YD and 6YD) can be configured to be installed in full size pickup trucks. The 4YD fits most 6 1/2 foot beds on full size pickups. The system can be operated with a charge maintaining solar cell to help keep the 12 volt battery charged making it a green machine. Customers are saying it is twice as fast as vacuum type debris loaders.